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Active members have successfully completed a Provisional year of service in the Junior League of Ogden. Active members are eligible to vote and hold leadership positions on the Management Team or Governance Board.  


Actives have full access to all trainings, AJLI resources, and special training opportunities to better enable them to serve the community.


To remain in good standing, Active members shall fulfill requirements and adhere to JLO guidelines as determined by the Board of Directors. Member requirements are as follows:


  1. League Service

    • Actively participate in committee/team placement.

    • Promote and participate in fundraisers, as determined.

    • Volunteer at and support organized JLO programs, as needed (i.e. Oasis Community Garden, Jr. Junior League, Adopt-A-River).

    • Proactively engage and connect with respective team director/JLO leadership throughout the year.

  2. Membership Meetings​

    • Attend a minimum of 7 General Membership Meetings ("GMM") during the League Year.

    • Maintain 70% attendance in committee and/or council meetings.

  3. Pay membership dues according to policy.

  4. Document and submit all JLO-related volunteer hours.

Provisional members are new, first-year members. These members complete a year-long provisional course consisting on education, team development, education, enrichment, and training opportunities in preparation for active league membership and volunteerism.


Provisional members will typically meet once a month from July to April. Provisional members are encouraged to attend General Membership Meetings as well as volunteer opportunities, socials, and League events through the year.


Provisionals play a critical role in strengthening and sustaining the league over the years. Your provisional class is the first step toward making new friends and investing in the legacy of the Junior League of Ogden within our community. 



An active member may become a Sustainer after they have met all current year membership requirements as well as completing 5 Active years (not including Provisional year) by the end of the League year on May 31, or 3 Active years and turned 40 by March 31.


There are many ways to stay active and involved in the JLO after becoming a Sustainer.


Benefits include:

  • Membership in the Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) and the Junior League of Ogden (JLO)

  • Reduced annual dues

  • Invitations to exclusive Sustainer-only events such as:

    • Sustainer Holiday Social

    • Sustainer Spring Luncheon

    • AJLI Sponsored Trips

    • JLO Trainings & Events


Next Steps for becoming a Sustainer:

If you are currently an active member that meets the requirements to become a Sustainer and would like to go sustaining, please contact the Director of Membership to initiate that process at


If you are currently a Sustainer member in another league and are interested in transferring your membership to the Junior League of Ogden, please email us at

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