#LobsterUp Members

Throughout the year, we will be recognizing Junior League of Ogden (JLO) members who have exemplified what it means to 'Dare Greatly' by showing up and doing what needs to be done for the League, for their community and for themselves. The lobster earrings that these women receive as their award play off of our #LobsterUp hashtag theme of the year and represent their own growth as a person.

Why a Lobster?


A lobster is just a soft, mushy creature that lives inside of a rigid shell that does not expand. As she grows, that shell becomes confining and uncomfortable. She has to allow herself to be vulnerable and shed her shell before she can produce a bigger and stronger shell. The stimulus of the lobster to be able to grow is that she feels uncomfortable. 

February Winners

  • Amy Blounk - For her outstanding work with Adopt-A-Smile.  Amy worked with Midtown Clinic and area dentists to match under-served children with participating dentists in the program.  Three lucky kids were matched with dentists this year!

  • Jennifer Killian - Jennifer, the founder of And She's Dope, Too, hosted the inaugural "Lady Wild Film Fest".  The event was a one night gathering that  showcased both feature length and short films with strong female leads or characters.

  • Allison Iannellio - Allison has joined forces with Maureen Jordan (a previous Lobster Up award winner) to take over full responsibility of the Gala silent auction and has come up with new an innovative ways to engage the membership and make the donor list understandable for all.

November/December Winners

  • D'Arcy Vandenberg - D'Arcy sold $1,500 worth of poinsettias and was creative in her Random Acts of Kindness (RAKS) projects, which included paying the tolls for drivers on the Adams Avenue Parkway, a bus fare and random gift giving, just to name a few.  Impressively, D'Arcy also distributed 50 RAKS cards in just two months... by herself!!!  D'Arcy embodied the concept of lobstering up by setting goals for herself and doing the hard work need to reach those goals!

  • Andria Yost - As the the Past Chair of Oasis, Andria has continued to be instrumental in providing mentoring for the Oasis Chair and co-chair and has ensured that the RAMP Grant was filed in a timely manner.  Through the year, she has provided important information to the Board regarding Oasis issues and has been a great resources for both gardeners and Board members, alike.  Under Andria's oversight, the garden has blossomed into a gem of Ogden... one in which Ogden City has taken notice of!

  • Maureen Jordan & Elicia Simon - Maureen and Elicia have stepped up as the Program and Arrangements Team and have worked hard to ensure that the GMM's are a success! Both Maureen and Elicia also give of their time to different projects in the league and you can always count on one of them being at an event and taking it to the next level.  The passion of these two women have helped ignite excitement within the league and we look forward to each GMM meeting because of their flair! 

  • Angela Ballard - As the Chair of the Fall Fundraiser, Angela was crucial in the success the pickup and volunteer effort.  The League sold over $10,000 in poinsettias, which was a new record this year... which meant a lot more plants had to be purchased and organized to effectively distribute. In addition, the $5,000 earned by the league met our fundraising goal!

  • Daysha Tello - Daysha oversaw the graduation of 23 provisional members and was able to get them placed in committees upon their November graduation. Daysha's organizational skills and ability to provide the incoming members with a foundation of JLO knowledge and expectations has been invaluable in the passion and success of our new members.

​October Winners

  • Kaley Tallman - for her personal growth as a league member Daring Greatly in her personal and professional life.

  • Debbie Pilkey - for her amazing work on the Member Directory so we know who is who!

  • Becky Rice - for continually showing up in the arena and being willing to be a worker bee no matter when, where, why or how.  

  • Janet Eberle - for being an example of what #LobsterUp means.  On her birthday, Janet received news that her best friend was very ill and in the hospital.  Rather than moping around in her house while waiting for a call from his family with bad news, Janet put on her big sunglasses to hide the tears and showed up to help with the Rummage Sale.  She reached out, rather than wallowing in and made quality connections with her JLO sisters that day.  

  • Jennifer Clark - for continually looking for new ways to make GMM meetings/dinner fun and excited.  Jennifer is transferring to Santa Barbara but she set a new standard for our programs and arrangements last year and carried it through this year.  

  • Rachel Walker - for her hard work at making Jr. JLO's Witches Tea successful!!

September Winners

  • Kelli Barkema - A stand out for her work and creativity in setting up the Harvest Moon booth as well as working closely with local artists to donate their works for a JLO fundraising raffle.

  • Codi Jones - Became a recognizable figure when jumping in with both feet to assist in the success of the JLO Rummage sale, as well as her many efforts while serving as the chair of the donations committee.

  • Heather Dunifer - Exemplifying the dedication of volunteers by stepping right into the communications committee and working hard on many community outreach projects. 

  • Bethany Tracy - As Oasis Community Garden Vice Chairman, Bethany has had to step up and fill the role of chair during the current chairman's maternity leave. Her hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed by JLO nor the community of Ogden. 

June, July & August Winners

  • Jill Cottle Garrett - Addressed gaps in legal documents at Oasis Community Garden and created a more transparent process for plot allocation and gardener expectations.

  • Heather Haskett - Became a recognizable figure at all community events and took it upon herself to brainstorm new ways to promote the League within the community.  

  • Jessica McCowin - Created a brand new, fully functional and easy to manage JLO website (www.juniorleagueogden.org) to improve the visibility and professionalism of the League while utilizing the new brand standards throughout. 

  • Shila McLemore - Managed planning and on/off-site logistics for Oasis Summer Nights, a free weekly family-friendly event throughout August at Oasis Community Garden.  

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