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Provisional Membership

The first year in the Junior League of Ogden is called the new member or “Provisional” year. As a provisional member, you will be required to complete provisional training, which is generally a 3-part training where you will learn about the Junior League of Ogden’s projects, our history, receive training on operations, etc. You will also be required to plan and complete a project called “Kids in the Kitchen” with your provisional group. As a provisional member, you are strongly encouraged to attend monthly General Membership Meetings and volunteer within our projects, however, it is not required.


Active Membership

Beginning the second year within the League, an Active member is exactly that, an “active” member. During your active years, a member will receive a placement within the League and be required for fulfill all membership duties.

Sustaining Membership

Once a member has been in the League for 5 years including her provisional year, she may elect to transfer to a Sustaining membership. Sustaining members do not hold placements within the League, but offer support financially and in any other form that they choose.

Emeritus Membership

Once a Junior League member reaches 80 years of age, she reaches Emeritus status and is no longer required to pay membership dues to the League.

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