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Evolution and Progress. A President's Message

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

July 13, 2018 | Jenny M. Kite - President, Junior League of Ogden

The Junior League of Ogden just kicked off its new fiscal year of activity with a new Board and renewed energy to tackle the problems facing the Ogden community. 


As the new President of the Junior League of Ogden, I’ve been thinking a lot about the role we play in the community. I recently picked up a book called, "On Trails" by Robert Moor, which turned out to be more than just a book about single track and thru hikes. It perfectly characterized the League in this brief quote:

"I learned that the soul of a trail—it’s trail-ness—is not bound up in dirt and rocks; it is immaterial, evanescent, as fluid as air. The essence lies in its function: how it continually evolves to serve the needs of its users.” 

In other words, the Junior League of Ogden isn’t about our current projects, it isn’t about our membership meetings or our fundraisers. The League is about how we continually evolve to serve the needs of our members and the community while staying true to our mission to develop the potential of women, promote voluntarism and improve the community.

Over the last few years our League has evolved to meet our members' and the community's changing needs by cutting back on daytime volunteer commitments, adding our newest human trafficking campaign, and focusing on diversity and inclusion. In the coming months and years you’ll see more changes, but much will stay the same.  


We hope to see you out at Oasis Community Garden this summer taking advantage of all the amazing weekly workshops and events hosted there, as well as its beautiful (and yummy!) public garden space. For information about events, check out Oasis on Facebook

We also have a couple of volunteer and community engagement opportunities on the horizon. There is a group looking to form a team at the End It Ogden 5K Walk/Run on August 18th to support our human trafficking campaign and we’ll have a booth at the Eccles Art Center 125th Anniversary event on August 25th to share our message and our legacy. We hope to see you out in the community throughout the summer. 


I want to share my sincere thanks to all the women in the League who contribute their time, money and energy to our causes. And, thank YOU, OGDEN, for showing us your continued support. 


To contribute to our mission, click here.

To join the League, click here.

Feel free to contact me, or the Board anytime with questions or concerns. 


Jenny Kite 

2018-19 President

Junior League of Ogden 

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