• Andria Boer

Committee Update: JLO Membership Continues to Grow

Interest in becoming a member of the Junior League of Ogden (JLO) is on the rise and has been for the past few years. Since 2011, League membership has grown by 174 percent. It is quite an impressive number and one that the Association of Junior League International, the parent organization to JLO, has recognized and sought input from JLO President Jaynee Nadolski on how to replicate this growth globally.

Jaynee attributes this growth to several factors, "Ogden's community is full of outward focused people, men and women alike, looking for opportunities to show up and make a difference. JLO's mission and projects allow women to do just that." Increased awareness of the JLO brand, increased community engagement, and grassroots recruitment efforts have also increased growth.

The growth of the League continues as more than 20 more members are graduating from their provisional (new member) training at the end of the month. These women are passionate about the mission of the League, are interested in the in-depth trainings that JLO offers and excited about building new friendships with League women.

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