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JLO Past Presidents Remembered

The members and sustainers of the JLO mourn the loss of past-Presidents Micaela "Mike" Ray Hollcraft Terry and Geraldine "Jerry" Lindquist. Both women made significant contributions to the League and the Ogden community during their tenure and beyond.

Micaela "Mike" Ray Hollcraft Terry (11/3/37-9/30/16) Served as President of JLO 1976-77

During her tenure, JLO started new the Court Docents Program, which was developed to educate youths in the community about laws. League members would go into fifth and sixth grade classrooms in the Ogden area and provide presentations, through visual aids and role playing (mock trails), to familiarize the students of the judicial system and court process. Mike was a strong supporter and active volunteer with this program.

Geraldine "Jerry" Lindquist (8/9/32-10/14/76) Served as President 1971-72

Jerry was very active in the community, serving as a member of the North Ogden planning commission, president of the Ogden Symphony Ballet Association, president of The Junior League of Ogden, president of the Weber Council PTA, an honorary board member of The Treehouse Museum, and as a member of the Weber School District Foundation Board of Directors. During her tenure as President of JLO she helped launch the “Drugs are Like That” film for elementary age children.

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