• Jaynee Nadolski

#JLOgives Launches for the Holiday Season

For Junior League of Ogden (JLO) members, the spirit of giving is in our hearts year-round, but the holidays are especially meaningful as the needs in our community are highlighted in inspirational and sometimes heartbreaking ways. We are excited to introduce #JLOgives, a Random Acts of Kindness and Services (RAKS) campaign, which will run through the months of November and December to address those needs. #JLOgives is based on the Giving Circle model in which groups of individuals donate their time, talent and/or treasure and work together to give to charity or community projects. The ultimate goal is to increase awareness and engagement in the issues addressed by the charity or community project.

JLO members have been broken up into teams and will be supporting various organizations to address their specific needs. The teams are also encouraged to provide RAKS throughout the community, such as paying for someone's meal, spending time with the elderly, donating a meal/snacks to our public safety officials, removing snow from a neighbors driveway or even adopting a family for Christmas. The teams will be documenting their RAKS and activities with photos on social media and using the hashtag #JLOgives. The hope is that these RAKS will spread through the Ogden community, motivate our members and the community to continue to provide gifts throughout the year. If you receive a RAKS card, make sure you pay it forward! The teams are open to anyone who would like to join, regardless of whether they are involved in JLO or not. In fact, the more people on each team, the better! This allows for entire families, offices or even neighborhoods to team up and participate and do good things in our community. The following organizations will be served by the various JLO teams: Christmas Box House, Lantern House, Catholic Community Services, Your Community Connection, Teddy Bear Den at Midtown Clinic, United Way and Children's Justice Center, which the Jr. JLO members will be working with.

We can wait to see what our members and our community do to #lobsterup and #dogood in the community over the next two months!

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