• Jaynee Nadolski

Ditch Your Resolution for an Inspiring Word

Welcome to the New Year! While 2016 was tumultuous for our country in many ways, it was equally inspiring within our community and our League. As we look toward 2017, it is my hope that we continue the positive trajectory we have seen in the last six months. To do that, we need our members to continue to grow personally, professionally and civically. Many of us have made resolutions for the New Year. Perhaps we have resolved to lose weight or become more financially stable. Or maybe to learn how to play the guitar or cut down on our caffeine intake.

Unfortunately, as we all know, resolutions are easily broken, cast aside and forgotten. And then the resolution space is filled up with self-pity and guilt, rather than the growth we ultimately wanted to achieve. So, we are asking our members to forgo the idea of a resolution and instead choose a word that will stick with them for the year and help them make decisions based on their values or focus in life. The word should be inspirational and motivating, not repressive or demeaning. This year's rally cry for the League has been "Lobster Up" which has served as a trigger for our members to step out of the comfortable and take the risks that lead to growth. The result of this mindset has been the empowerment of our individual members and the passionate service of the league to the community. But, while we will continue to #lobsterup in the community, we recognize that our members are much more than a hashtag. So, we will ask them to choose a word that will will propel them into the future, rather than just swearing off the past.

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