• Cindy Reinhard, Strategic Development VP

Council Update: Strategic Development - A Change in Focus

The Strategic Development Council was developed with the idea that this council would focus on longevity and legacy, particularly in the areas of Junior League fund development, partnership and projects. Since its inception over the last year and a half, the focus of the council has been on creating avenues for mutually beneficial partnerships within the Ogden community. The League offers resources to organizations that are worthy of time and investment: passionate leaders, dedicated volunteers, a litany of talents and skills in a 100 member group, not to mention an endless supply of enthusiasm!

Through the last several months, we have made great strides in developing those partnerships and new funding streams.This puts us in a position where we can start tackling some big, new projects head on! We are currently organizing ourselves into a research and development team: researching potential new projects and filtering them through the value of developing the potential of women, promoting voluntarism and helping make our Ogden community better.

As we move forward, the Junior League of Ogden is looking at two areas of interest. Each of these require some more research, but we've already started the ball rolling with the belief that this fits us. The first is the issue of human trafficking and its effect here in Ogden as around the world. We know that while we aren't law enforcers (providing rescue) or after care services (providing healing), we can help prevent, raise awareness and be a voice in the fight against those who would seek to harm another. In addition, we had a member bring forth the idea of providing Baby Boxes to new mothers in our county.

There is so much to be done. As we look to the future, we want to make sure that our investment of time, energy and money have great rewards! Ogden is a great community to be a part of and we want to make sure that doesn't change.

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