• Jaynee Nadolski, JLO President

JLO Launches New Project Focus - Human Trafficking

In my industry of college athletics, we identify this month with a trademarked slogan: March Madness. This is a month that anything can happen. And usually does. It's exciting, downright crazy and a little scary. It's what keeps us on the edge of our seats... and in some cases, throwing things at the television. That's where the Junior League of Ogden is right now. We're about to take a leap of faith into our new project of Human Trafficking and while we have a lot of great plans, you never know where things will take us. We are at the edge of our seats as we get ready to step into the arena to once again take on a huge issue within not only our community, but our State. With our 80+ members strong, we are small, but mighty. And we are excited at the possibilities that lie before us and the impact we will be able to make with our advocacy and training. But we also know that we'll be facing incredible obstacles that we'll have to climb over or run through.

One of the best things about March Madness is the fact that the underdogs, the little guys... sometimes they hit a buzzer beater. And with every buzzer beater - with every giant that topples - we remember that there is hope no matter the odds stacked against you. And we remember for the rest of the year that triumphant moment... that moment when all of that hard work paid off. No matter the blood, sweat and tears... just like it was with the Ogden Nature Center, Women's and Children's Health Connection and Oasis Garden (to name a few), we will step into the arena with a game plan. And if we do it the right way? We'll hit that buzzer beater and take down that giant.

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