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It's About The Women. A President's Message

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

It’s about the women.

Each June, the Junior League of Ogden rotates in a new board. As part of the board transition process, the incoming president is tasked with selecting a theme for the coming year, a catch phrase or symbol of what the focus will be.

The Junior League mission is broad and so it is nice to provide a key area of focus for the work each year. Some years are about refining a specific project, some years are about growing, some years are about building a fund base for a large project ahead.

But every year is about the women.

Junior League is an organization committed to improving the community, developing the potential of women and promoting voluntarism. The projects that we undertake are a hands-on training program for women leaders - whether it's budget management through event planning, social media marketing through a community awareness campaign, volunteer management through on-site projects - the learning that takes place through the work of the Junior League is second to none. Women that come through the League and dig in deep will find themselves changed; in their home life, in their personal relationships, in their working life - the Junior League provides training and real life engagement in becoming the best version of yourself.

And that is why this year, instead of a theme or a spirit animal, I want to strip it back to the nuts and bolts: it’s about the women.

This year we’re diving head first into a new education and awareness series for Human Trafficking, we’re launching a new leadership training program, we’re continuing our work with the Jr Junior League, Dental Days, Women’s Health Connection and of course, Oasis Community Garden. In all of it, we’re building a strong, capable group of women, well educated in the inner workings of the community, versed in the issues, adaptable and effective in creating solutions. We’re supporting moms, working women, business leaders, and the next generation of community impact leaders.

It’s about the women. 

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