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The Junior League of Ogden (JLO) is seeking collaborative and strategic partnerships at the individual and corporate level with those who have a personal interest in seeing the Ogden community grow. By investing in the women of the League, your resources are being put to use with practical and immediate application to effect real change in our community. 


What sets JLO apart from other nonprofit organizations is our active and growing membership of women who are passionate about our mission and spend countless hours volunteering to improve our community. We are proud to empower women through quality training and hands-on opportunities to engage in projects that create meaningful change.

We have created an ambitious plan to advance the Ogden community through developing the skills of women in the realms of business & community leadership, financial management, and strategic development. We train through hands on work while tackling complex community issues such as access to healthcare, resolving food deserts, and assessing community needs and opportunities. In addition, we are focusing on developing opportunities for involvement in social issues like human trafficking and diversity. 


We are developing the next generation of female leaders right here, right now. 

Take Action

Shop at Smith's? Register your Smith's Rewards Card online here and help earn money for the Junior League of Ogden! 

To become a Champion of Women and support the Junior League of Ogden,

please contact the President of the Junior League of Ogden.

The Junior League of Ogden is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Membership dues, grants, private donations, corporate contributions and other revenue-producing efforts support all of Junior League of Ogden’s programs and activities.

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